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The Ohio State University Explanatory Statement for Absence from Class 1. Student Name and OSU ID Number: 2. Department, Course and Section: 3. Date (s) of Absence: End: Start: 4. Name of Instructor:
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Music employees who are absent from their work and job responsibilities create major issues in the relationship between an employee and employer absenteeism is any failure by an employee to report for work as scheduled or to stay at work when scheduled many employers have sick leave policies that allow employees a certain number of paid days each years for involuntary absences however much absenteeism is avoidable or voluntary absence can also be planned which is the least disruptive unplanned or incidental less than a workweek or extended lasting beyond a week many employees see no real concern with being absent or late to work because they feel they're entitled to some absenteeism in many organizations a relatively small number of individuals are responsible for a large share of the organization's total absenteeism regardless of the reason employers need to know if someone's not going to be at work so they can make adjustments organizations have developed two different ways for employees to report their absences some companies have established automated systems in which employees can call a special phone number and alert managers about possible absences special electronic notification email accounts could also be used effective absence management involves striking the balance between and supporting employees who are legitimately unable to work and meeting operational needs employers use a variety of methods to address absenteeism including discipline positive reinforcement a combination of the two or paid time off programs where a bank of paid leave time is provided for employees vacation sick and other absenteeism needs being absent from work may seem like an insignificant matter to an employee but if a manager needs 12 people in a unit to get the work done and four of the 12 are frequently absent either the output of the unit will decrease or additional workers will have to be hired to meet the needs for some employers productivity issues due to absenteeism can be expensive the average daily cost is 13 times the wages of the absent worker Music you